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The world has changed whether you like it or not it is a brave, new and exciting world. In this changing digitalized world one of the best career choices I’ve ever made was to learn how to start a blog. My decision to learn how to start a blog and begin making money from it on the side of my day job is what propelled me into building freelance writing business with my clients. IN a summarised manner Blogging is an online publishing and self-expression platform that allows feedback and comments. It is a two-way communication channel. It has never been easier or so much fun. Earlier in 1990s blogging involved the activity of creating and publishing online diaries peculiarly called “Weblogs” which over time became shortened to “blog”. It was text based and cumbersome. Blogging has changed since then. Today whoever knows how to use Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or WordPress you can be a blogger. Today Traditional media is being threatened by this new social media. If you’re trying to build a freelance business, launch a personal brand, earn a living from blogging, or are just passionate and want to write about a certain topic, there’s nothing I would suggest you to learn how to start a blog today. And since it’s now easier than ever to get started with writing and publishing online, the only thing that might hamper you in writing up is the technicalities of starting a blog. It’s such that you’re writing just want an audience I’m also going to share the exact strategies you can use to promote, market, and grow your blog.

Starting a blog sometimes becomes a challenge for some people and some of the most frequent excuses are as follows:


1. Perfection
Remember No one is born perfect and just start up anyway as no one has reached perfection yet in any field.


2. Writing is not my cup of Tea

Not an issue. Read a lot and write a lot and you would see yourself at another level which may be surprising for yourself too. I am doing the same too. If that isn’t possible then go for a video blog or even a photo blog. Many passionate fashion bloggers aren’t great writers but they can recognize which photo is nice when they see one.


3. No originality

There is nothing new under the sun so copy, curate and add your own. And inspiration and motivation is a must and this can be achieved by reading books, blogs, and online videos. TED talk videos had proven a spark for me. So go on as life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.


Advantages of writing a blog

Blogging has many advantages as it is an inexpensive way for the business to drive traffic to the website. Some of them are as follows:


• It will position you as an expert or a leader as per your niche or in your industry.
• You would get to know new doors of networks and global connections
• Would create opportunities for sharing
• Strong relationships with existing and new customers
• Boost to search engine optimization


The major advantage I feel is that through the research of information and the wrangling of content you will learn… a lot! That’s all I want.


The system for blogging success


Below are some of the tips to make your blog a complete success. But remember starting with the foundation is important.


1. Passion
If you have an idea about what is your passion, just start. The magic is in the motion of beginning. The art of creation will filter and disclose abilities and passions that will become unveiled in time.


2. Audience
Just find out who is your audience that is going to read or view your content. Questions need to be asked.

  • Their problems

  • Their interests

  • Types of articles they love to read and videos do they like to view?

  • Conferences in which they go

  • Classes, they attend?

Knowing this will ensure that the content which you are creating is relevant and can be shared on social networks.


3. Value
Your goal should be to always add great value to your readers and viewers by asking even more questions when creating content.

  1. Is it entertaining?

  2. Is it educating?

  3. Is it informing?

  4. Is it inspiring?


Add this four point in your content and your readers would love you


4. Simple

We often get surrounded and start using big words and acronyms. One simple word can be powerful and prove that less is indeed more. In this context, you need to consider that most readers are just beginning to learn about your topic and need to lead by the hand. Give them simple outlines that take them from A to Z.


5. Structure
Just Produce a wall of text and watch your readers run. Structure your articles such that they can be consumed in bite-sized chunks which is gold. As in this digitalized world, most readers and viewers are lacking up with time. Start with an introduction that snatches the reader’s attention and then create further skimming and scanning content. Always Use Sub-titles, short sentences and bullet points in the content to attract your readers.


6. Multi-Media
The power of words is never to be underestimated but on a media-rich web, the power of visuals and video needs to be considered. Today’s younger generation don’t want to read any text they would love to chew their arm off rather than reading a paragraph of text. So always create content that can present information in a variety of formats. People are love to watch a video, reading an e-book,
listening to a podcast and viewing a Slide share presentation.


7. Sharing
Build your expression engine for sharing. Never put the social media buttons at the bottom and so small too that they can’t be seen. Always make it easy for people so that they can share it on the major social networks.


In the end just want to say Create social media followers, fans and tribes and Build promotional partnerships with online influencers and corporate and media power players in your industry and this all will give a flow in the spreading of your content. Simply optimize your blog for search engines. Manage these Tactics well and the free traffic will come your way. As lastly, this is all we want to mint up the money.