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Facebook Marketing

Introduction, Identifying your Ideal Customer, Content research, Popular content Framework on Facebook, 7 ways to get more engagement,Facebook Insights,Facebook Live, Facebook Live Content Ideas, Facebook Live setup

Are you talking to your client ?

Live Facebook campaign

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads

Intro to Facebook Ads
 Key Objectives of facebook Ads
 Challenges with Facebook Ads
 Audience Types
 Intro to Facebook Funnels Secrets Revealed 
 Audience Research Startegies
 Facebook Ad structure
 Placement Startegies
 Types of Facebook Ads

See how Facebook Ads has helped businesses.

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Our Placement

Today, Digital marketing has become the fastest growing career, with exceptionally high job requirements. BrandVeda gives all its students 100% job placement guarantee and complete assistance for job interviews and freelancing. Since our inception, we have placed over 500+ students in various companies, including our own placement partners. Our ever-growing clientele, tie-ups and partners are continuously looking for knowledgeable candidates with a dedicated work ethic.
Some Of Our Placement Partners Are

Twitter Marketing

Intro to Twitter Ads
 Twitter Ads Structure
 Twitter Dashboard
 Campaign Objectives
 Traffic Campaign
 Follower Campaign
 App Install Campaign
 App Engagement Campaign
 Research on MONEY MAKING Ads
 Building Your Own Twitter Ads

  • Intro to Twitter Ads

  •  Twitter Ads Structure

  •  Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Ads

Educational Institute

Our trainers are sovereign in digital marketing who will train and guide your students and faculties on the latest Digital Marketing techniques along with case studies and live Projects. So let us organize a customized Digital Marketing training for your students.

We offer Seminars, workshops, & Full digital marketing courses. We also have a customized course as well.For more information, please contact us.

We have conducted 100 + workshops/seminars/Full course.W e have delivered workshops in Institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, EDI ( Gandhinagar ) , IRMA, St. Kabir Institutes of Professional Studies, SK Patel Institute of Management, KADI University, Charotar University, and many other premium Institutes

A few of our collaborators are listed below.

  • Campaign Objectives

  •  Traffic Campaign

  •  Follower Campaign

  • App Install Campaign

  • App Engagement Campaign

  •  Research on MONEY MAKING Ads

  •  Building Your Own Twitter Ads


Content Marketing

Intro to Content Marketing
 Marketing Funnels
 Introduction to TOFU ( Top Of Funnel)
 Introduction to MOFU ( Medium Of Funnel)
 Introduction to BOFU ( Bottom Of Funnel)
 Content Research Tools
 Popular content on Facebook
 Create BLOGS even if you are not a Content Writer
 Content Curation Strategies

Content Multiplier Strategies

Tools – Image , Video, Info graphic , Podcast etc.

Goals and Performance Measurement

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is my salary potential as an SMM specialist?

Social Media Marketing  jobs can vary from organization to organization in terms of salary, titles, roles, and responsibilities. The average salary in India start from ₹ 84000 to ₹ 180000 and can even exceed ₹ 2,50,000 depending on the company, size, and location (


Instagram Marketing

Why Instagram Marketing?

 How the platform of Instagram works?
 What should be the Content for engagement?
 How to optimize the profile?
 How to increase your followers?
 How to grow organically by engagements and conversions?
How to use Instagram Sales Funnel?
How to use Instagram Hashtags stratergically for growth?
 How to Plan Calender for Instagram?
 How to use Instagram ads for business?
 How to use Instagram Stories for Business?
 How to use Influencer marketing for your business through Instagram?
 How to use IGTV for Business?
 Important tools to use for Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Ads

How to Use Instagram Ads ?

Drive relevant traffic from instagram to your blog or landing page

Instagram Sales Funnel


LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LINKEDIN Marketing
 Creating a Killer LinkedIn Profile
 Linkedin Content research
 Linkedin Poplar Content Framework
 Competitive Research
 Linkedin Calender
 How to Quickly build Connections
 Linkedin Automation & tools
 Linkedin Machine Methodology


Linkedin Premium Services

Linkedin Premium Services

 Build Email List via Linkedin

Why Linkedin Ads are Like GOLDMINE?
 Introduction to LINKEDIN Ads
 Creating a super-strong company page
 Linkedin Ads Specification
 Goals fo Linkedin Ads
 Creating Direct Sponsored Content
 Setting up a Sponsored Content
 Setting up a Sponsored In Mail Campaign
 Setting up a Lead Generation Campaign
 Setting up a Traffic Generation campaign
 Setting up a Conversion Tracking Campaign

LinkedIn Ads

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”
-Howard Luck Gossage


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